Who We Are:

We are…

  • …a dedicated, experienced, talented team of creative professionals driven to achieve your business goals.
  • …true experts in multi-dimensional, integrated marketing and branding.
  • …a responsive, resourceful, and proactive marketing, content, and public relations agency.
  • …fueled by our desire to create value for our clients and by our love of chocolate and coffee.
  • …all about drama-free delivery of amazing results, every day.
  • …a branding, marketing, and total media powerhouse since 1985.
  • all yours, and pretty excited about that fact.

Call us, email us, tweet us, and let's get started.
918-493-5700 | marketing@comm-arts.com | @mandy_vavrinak

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What We Do:

Rather than an exhaustive list, we think of it in pretty straightforward terms. We help our clients achieve their business goals.

Often a variety of tactics go into that, but where we start isn't with the "What" it's with the "Why." We get to know our clients, their businesses, their markets and marketplaces, their challenges and opportunities, their products and their people.

Then, we form proactive partnerships with them to become either an adjunct marketing department or their complete marketing solution. They expect excellence.

We deliver. Case closed.

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How We Do It:

The formal answer is that at Comm-Arts, we create and execute Integrated Marketing Plans that achieve results which keep our clients coming back, year after year.

The slightly less formal, but possible more informative answer, is that we are a full-service creative marketing, design, and public relations firm. That means we can work with you to develop strategy, define needs, determine tactics, and execute the work required to reach your goals.

Yes, we "do social media." Yes, we "design brochures." But more importantly, we most often do both (or do neither, but rather do other things) for the same client because the strategy demands it, not because that's a thing we sell.

If you are ready to approach your marketing in a more integrated, strategic way, we can help.

And, because it sometimes helps to have a bulleted list… here are some of the things we do:

  • Media/advertising planning, buying, and production
  • Public relations
  • Brand identity development and promotion
  • Design, development, and production of sales, marketing, and/or corporate collateral
  • Design, development, and implementation of digital assets, including websites, email communications, presentations
  • Content development and community management
  • Corporate or group visioning, public process management
  • Tradeshow/event design and execution

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