About Comm-Arts

Why Comm-Arts?
Simply put, because we look at communication through an integrated lens of client and context. And that should matter to you. It means we'll work with you to ensure you're sharing the right message, in the right way, at the right time, to the right audience… all defined by the goals and outcomes you want and the audience you need to motivate to take action.

Each business is unique with different needs. Does your company deal in complex product offerings or services? How about long sales cycles? Are you a software company or energy manufacturer? Municipality? IT firm? We care because it matters. We get to know your industry, your marketplace, your message, your public perception, and your business expectations because that is the only way to get you from here to there.


What do we do?

Our team will help you re-discover your brand's power and will craft and execute a strategy to powerfully communicate that to the world. Yes, we "do social media." Yes, we "design brochures." But when we do "the things," we do them because your communications strategy demands it, not because that's a thing we sell. A strategy-driven approach to marketing makes our team the best agency partner for those who want and need tangible results. We believe in the power of the story – your story. Every company has one, and we're ready to help you find, refine, and share yours.

What's it like to work
with Comm-Arts?

We have many long-term client relationships. We launched in 1985, and some of our clients have been with us for decades. We take their trust and ongoing faith in us seriously. Building those relationships takes trustworthiness and integrity. It takes care and respect. But mainly, Comm-Arts is all about the passion we have for helping each client succeed, and that's what you'll feel most when you work with us.

Maybe you're a marketing department of one in a company of hundreds? Put us to work as your adjunct staff to execute and deliver the quality and quantity of work you need on time, on budget, and on spec.

Tired of never knowing where your project is, being 'surprised' by mystery changes on invoices or never being sure your agency's advertising recommendations are best for YOU and not THEM? Talk to us. We believe in direct-billing for advertising (where your invoices for media space go directly to you for payment) and most other hard cost items. We'd rather you pay us for what we bring to the process and outcomes, and know exactly what your hard cost dollars are buying, and from whom.

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Now, for the longer

We told you we believed in the power of the story. Here's a little more on ours. Comm-Arts, Inc. was launched in 1985 by Linda Godfrey as a slide production company (back when giving a presentation meant a set of custom-built 35mm slide graphics that were imaged, mounted, and then returned to the client). Linda sought out talented graphic designers, and later writers, programmers, videographers, and on demand printing specialists as the business grew and adapted to changing times. Over the course of our more than 30 years in continuous operation, we've learned a thing or two about eye-catching, effective graphics… about words and how to use them. Today, we still employ talented writers, designers, programmers, and specialists in a variety of tactical aspects of marketing, optimizing current trends in technology and proven expertise. We also still believe that every new client project is the start of a potentially beautiful relationship and that every single client matters. If you trust us with your business, we're going to take care of it. We promise.